how nestle uses enterprise 2.0

I was trying to find some examples for my case studies and I found this example of Nestle showing us how not to use social media.

On the Nestle facebook page fans were posting comments using an altered version of their logo, Nestle response was…

“Nestle fans, don’t use an altered version of the company’s logo as your profile pic, or your comments will be deleted.”

This was not taken well by it’s fans, here is a link to the story.

Nestle’s Facebook Page: How a Company Can Really Screw Up Social Media


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4 Responses to how nestle uses enterprise 2.0

  1. I find it very interesting that a single person, in this case the admin of a facebook page for a major corporation, could create such a torrent of negativity from the online community as a whole.

    It seems that there is an underlying set of rules that govern the social networking “Scene” so to speak, that are not published, but seem to be commonly shared among a vast majority of people.

    Relating back to Be On Message from “The Unwritten Rules of Social Networking”, Nestle has broken an online rule by not listening to their consumer base, thereby alienating and offending them.

    Excellent find for your case study might I add.


    Daniel Sawyer

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  3. raing3 says:

    That was a very interesting example of bad social media usage you have found. Just from looking at the comments made by the Nestle employee in regards to this whole matter it would seem that the company has very loose or most likely no guidelines specifying how their employees should interact online.

    Even now it seems that they are just playing ignorant with their Facebook page, almost all comments on the first page are negative and Nestle seemingly don’t want to try and fight their point and promote themselves, nor do they bother deleting obvious spam/useless comments.

    I’m guessing if this were to reach a popular TV channel Nestle would be all over the problem, however they fail to see the impact the internet is having on businesses nowadays and how important it is to maintain a positive image.

    … having said that though after looking at their twitter page they seem to be using it well so I’m guessing they gave up on their Facebook page and are just letting it rot.

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