the role of a prosumer

Interesting video on the role of prosumers and how that may impact the future.


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6 Responses to the role of a prosumer

  1. Jeff says:

    Hey, this guy gets you thinking about how things have changed how quick it has occurred and where it might end up. Looking at an individual as both a consumer and producer is becoming more common as a result of how the internet has freed people from being in one place at a given time.

  2. Jeff says:

    The way I think about things and use the internet has changed over time. At one point it provided a means to learn and find out about things of interest. It then changed to seeing how new technologies (GIS, Google Earth, GPS) could help me understand things that I was interested in. All of a sudden I was becoming to be a producer rather than a consumer – but must admit I am still more a consumer than producer.

  3. Jeff says:

    It is amazing how things happen so fast. In some ways it’s an experience to see things without leaving a space – streetview was just so amazing and now it is so much part of life. It’s much cheaper than going to places or gives you the push to go.

    Recently, I ‘ve been looking at things people have been putting on the web such as sites that use 360 views – this gives a different view of places – check these out – and Pretty cool.

  4. Jeff says:

    Do I want to end up being part of a virtual world? Well can’t give a definitive answer but I still have one foot firmly planted on solid ground.Who knows what happens when you let go !!!

  5. danielsawyer says:

    Powerful video there, however while I agree in this modern day and age most seek to simply satisfy their own wants and desires, I think that as resources dwindle, we will become more and more aware that our selfishness and egotistical ways are counterproductive to long term survival.

    As you can see in my own blog Do you know who I am?!, as we grow up, we are more preoccupied with finding our own sense of adventure and fun that we neglect bigger issues.

  6. I do NOT know what to say after that video, things have been changing a long time. but i didn’t think that might be the future.

    cheers, and greet VIDEO

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