twitter can get you fired!

On the drive home after work a couple of months ago I remember listening to triple j and they were discussing how a journalist had been sacked over a twitter she made about Bindi Irwin at the Australian Logies.  This started a long discussion with my partner about how people should take social media as a medium, Should we really take it seriously with the information it provides? It was also pointed out by my partner that what would have happened if the response was positive, would she have have gotten the sack then? Because it seems clear to us both that she only got sacked after the comments were taken negatively. Here is a link to the full article.

The Age’s editor-in-chief, Paul Ramadge, said last night in a statement that Deveny would no longer write columns for the Melbourne broadsheet.

“I came to the view that I didn’t think Catherine was a good fit for The Age going forward,” Mr Ramage told 774 ABC Radio Melbourne


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2 Responses to twitter can get you fired!

  1. jrsketcher says:

    I think the reason this journalist got fired is because she made some unacceptable statements, not because she made them through Twitter. If her comments had been decent, there wouldn’t have been a problem because it’s what she said that’s the issue, not how she said it. I also think that the other reason this made news is because Twitter is a relatively new phenomenon and, as such, new developments on it get counted as newsworthy.

    Should social media be taken seriously? I think that depends on what it’s being used to say. If it’s just people posting inane updates about the minutiae of their lives, then probably no more than if the person was having that conversation with you. If it’s being used to say something important about the poster or society, etc, then I suggest that it should be taken seriously.

  2. Avishay says:

    I remember hearing about this on the news its quite big how something small you post on twitter could get you fired but I think it was too harsh for something to lose your job over in my opinion she just should have apologised and not let it happen again, but in this day and age social media has power and ability to do this which is good in a way but there are negatives things such as this, not just twitter facebook could get you in trouble for inappropriate photos employee’s/employer’s could see.

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