examples of companies using web 2.0

The following are examples of companies using Web 2.0 to achieve enterprise objectives or organisations using Epterprise 2.0 principles in a significant way


Lockheed Martin: Looking to improve communication between 150,000 employees and capture the knowledge of a retiring generation, Lockheed Martin has begun implementing a customized version of Microsoft SharePoint.

BT (British Telecom) “huge Wikipedia-style database called BTpedia, a central blogging tool, a podcasting tool, project collaboration software and enterprise social networking”  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enterprise_social_software

DIA Use of enterprise 2.0 mashups to allow analyss to share intelligence.
IBM Use of social networking medium to improve employee innovation.
ABC use of rss, twitter and facebook to invlove consumers within their shows.
yooplus.com use of colaburation project/activity transperency


Procter & Gamble searches for innovations in Web-enabled marketplaces such as InnoCentive, NineSigma, and yet2.com
Crowdspirit is an ideagora for ideas about consumer electronics (it’s more)


Legomindstorm Example where users can can download software created by lego or other users to make robotic creations.
Doritos Make an Ad make a fortune creating a competition for comsumers to create an ad for the company voted by other consumers.

initial insights on blogging

My introduction to blogging has been in the form of micro blogging mainly with twitter (twitter.com/wheatley) & facebook to keep in touch with friends and family as full time work and study tends to eat away at my “social” time.  Strangely enough this makes catching up with people face to face difficult… “i know i saw it on your twitter/facebook page…”

Reading blogs on the other hand has become a major part of my general web use; catching up with the latest techonolgy on gizmodo/engadget, social engineering on lifehacker.com, following developers on codinghorror.com and spadgos.com and seeing what my favorite celebrities are up on kevinrose.com

Blogging is a quick and easy way to allow an audience to “catchup” on your insights on a wide variety of interests.  It has been a major criteria for any one/company that has had an internet based audience, but we are finally starting to see blogging filtering through to everyday forms of media and the general public.  It’s hard to turn on the TV or listen to the radio without hearing the magic T word “via twitter john thinks this latest song … rocked!” on triplej or “and a question from twitter…” on ABC’s Q&A.  Blogging is an important tool that corporate environments need to take advantage for the positives while trying to minimize the negatives.

Blogging now for me will provide a good medium to show my work interests, for development and social engineering, together with my personal life.  Through my current studies this semester I’ve really changed my view point on information from being something that you need to keep to yourself and use to your advantage, to something that needs to be shared and blogging seems to be a good way to start.

Sacha Chua as put together a balanced blog between work and her personal interests which has help her appeal to a wider demographic. Sacha has also taken advantage of social networking through friend feed and twitter to build a community and increase awareness of her activities.

INB346 Workshop Activity 1

activity1… done